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Grill Boxes & Refills Sold since 2022!

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Anywhere Anytime
The possibilities are endless

BBQ should be a simple affair, without the fuss of booking a BBQ pit or doing tedious planning.

Convenient, Safe and Simple to use, you can now truly enjoy an impromptu BBQ, leaving more time to create memories and build relationships. 

Be part of the trend, and embark on a journey to create new possibilities

Perfect for BBQ Takeaways

Easy Ignite Charcoal Refills

Available for Retail

Quality Grill Boxes

Understanding our Grill Box

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Creating unique memories,

Grab a classic grill box and enjoy impromptu dinner date at Changi Beach with your loved ones
Grilling is bonding over love

Our Satisfied Clients

Yakiniku Warrior is a local Yakiniku stall that serves Tomahawk and Yakiniku Meat together with HTK Grill box
HTK Grill box is available at Shell Retail Marts, at Hougang, Punggol, East Coast and Siglap
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Seorae Korean BBQ Restaurant has tantalizing Korean Marinated Meats for Takeaways with our Disposable Grill Box
hungryBBQ logo_edited.png
Anzu is a supplier of Japanese Beef Steak and Wagyu Meat, bundling with our Disposable Grill Box
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Rama Bear Mart Logo no bg_edited.png
SOL By BDC no bg logo_edited.png
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  • How strong is the heat? How long can it last?
    Temperature can reach up to 480-550 degree celcius. It can last up 2 hours of continuous grilling. Grilling period can be extended with add-ons of charcoal refills. Each pack of 40 briquettes extend additional 3 hours.
  • How to ignite the charcoals? Do I light every pcs of briquettes?
    Windproof lighter is preferred to ignite our charcoals. Ignite 4 corners and middle charcoals, ensure all briquettes touch one another, to create a seamless spread of heat source.
  • Are the grill box smokeless and odorless?
    The applewood charcoals do not emit smoke or any odour during its burning process. Some smoke and odour may be present during the first ignition process, which last about 2 minutes. Allow charcoals to fully ignite and turn ash gray before starting to grill. Please also note that oil drips/sauce can also create smoke when come in contact with the briquettes.
  • Are these grill boxes one-time use? Can I repeat usage?
    Grill box is meant tobe disposable, with convenience in mind for users. For repeated usage, grill box can be re-used up to 3 times, as long as the box is not damaged. Re-use only with separate purchase of easy ignite charcoal briquettes and we do not guarantee the performance of grill box in subsequent usage.
  • Where can I purchase off the shelves in Singapore?
    You can consider purchasing from our retailers. Click the link for a list of our retailers and partners. Do note that we don't control the prices at the various retail outlets, and stock is subjected to availability. We are actively looking for more retailers and partners. If you are a business owner, and keen to retail at your stores, please get in touch with us here: +65 84144789
  • Do you sell your grill boxes on other online platforms?
    We also list our grill boxes for sales on our Shopee page @sghaitankao and more recently on Lazada. It is also free delivery (Save $1.99!) if you input the Free Shipping Vouchers by Shopee and apply at cart. To note that, upon carting out, our warehouse will pack and scan out the product within 1 business day. Shopee Express Service will pick up the parcels every weekday evening and Saturday noon. Upon handing over the parcel to them, it is their responsibility to ensure parcel reach you at doorstep. If you need the tracking ID, or if your parcel is more than 3 business days late, please contact Shopee Xpress, provide them with the Order ID to check the delivery status. Additionally, purchasing on Shopee, and opting for self collection on the same day is also possible everyday between 10am-8pm. You may collect your order at our warehouse: 51 Ubi Ave 1, #05-03, Singapore 408933. Please contact us at +65 88330833, before making your way over for collection.
  • I am a business owner. How do I purchase your grill boxes and refills? What is the pricing structure like?
    There are currently three tier of retailers / partners, with 3 different pricing. The credit term is set at 7 days from the point of goods delivery. A grace period of 7 days will be accorded for B2B, to which a 5% interest will be imposed for every 4 weeks after the grace period. Payment terms and conditions must be communicated and agreed by B2B customers prior to making the orders. The criteria for Tier 1 (standard B2B rates) must meet MOQ for each product variant of at least 1 carton (either Deluxe Grill Box, Classic Grill Box or Charcoal Refills). Delivery is waived for MOQ of at least 2 cartons, otherwise chargeable at $25 per trip. The criteria for Tier 2 (Premium B2B rates) must: 1) Meet consistent order at least once a month for consecutive 3 months OR 2) Be able to meet MOQ for each product variant of at least 4 cartons, OR 3) Be in the initial retailers list. Delivery is waived for MOQ of at least 1 carton, otherwise chargeable at $25 per trip. Drop us a message to enquire Tier 2 rates. The criteria for Tier 3 (Platinum B2B rates) must meet at least 10 cartons of pits within 2 weeks. Drop us a message to enquire Tier 3 rates.
  • What is the delivery lead time upon confirmation of my orders?
    Upon confirmation of your orders, we will arrange delivery to your stated address within 1-2 business days. There may be delays during peak period, but we will do our best to be as timely as possible. Orders confirmed before 6pm will be submitted to our warehouse for processing on the same day to arrange for delivery in the next 2 business days. Orders confirmed after 6pm will be submitted to our warehouse for processing the next business day to arrange for delivery in the following 2 business days. If you have a specific date and time to receive your order(s), please approach our friendly sales agent and let him/her know of your constraints.
  • I run a business and is keen to explore your grill boxes. Can I request for samples before committing?
    Yes! You may request for samples. Send in your request via our online Form, and our sales representative will get in touch with you to understand your needs better to advise.
  • Can my business order on consignment basis?
    Unfortunately, we do not allow consignment due to tedious process of tracking and chasing. However, longer credit terms can be set for high value B2B clients. Contact our representative via online Form to check how you can be considered as high value B2B client.
  • I am running a corporate event/function. Do you offer better pricing for purchasing in Bulk?
    Customers who buy in bulk for their own consumption or for a one-time event are not entitled to B2B rates. However, they are entitled to a bulk discount of 20% when they purchase a minimum of 1 carton of pits or charcoal refills. There is no credit term for B2C. Payment must be made at the point of confirmation when placing the order online.
  • Are you on GEBiz? I am from the Government Sector and doing an event. Will you be able to provide us a quotation?
    Unfortunately, we are no longer on GEBiz. In the past through GEBiz, we have supplied Grill Boxes to NSmen Cohesion Activity at Khatib Camp, RSAF's cohesion activity, HomeTeam SCDF Cohesion Activity, Residents Committee (Peoples Association) Neighborhood Festive Gatherings, Meet The People Sessions BBQ Dinner, and many more. As local Singaporeans in this humble local business, we are thrilled to supply to these festivals and activities, forging closer bonds amongst Singaporean in the neighborhood! Despite not being in GEBiz, we still have attractive prices for Government bodies and corporates, so please contact us via the online Form, or WhatsApp us at +65 84144789.
  • Can I customise my own Grill Box?
    If you are intending to customise your Grill Box, from the designs, colours, logo, to accessories to be included, we are able to help. Minimum order for each product variant is 1,000 units. Pricing and fulfilment of delivery are also different for customised Grill Box. Please get in touch with us via Online Form, or WhatsApp us at +65 84144789.
  • Is there a contact number that I can call / WhatsApp for urgent enquiries?
    We strongly recommend submitting the online form, and we will respond to you as soon as we can because all our staff will have access to all form requests. There will be more people picking up your enquiries, than a contact number. We have a contact e-mail for you to e-mail directly here: For very urgent enquiries, you may WhatsApp +65 84144789.
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