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About Us

We founded the company to create truly fuss-free and location agnostic BBQ sessions. Our name HaiTanKao, represents doing seaside (Hai, 海) BBQ (Kao, 烤) with our unique BBQ pit (Tan, 炭). Our colours, Blue, Black and Red, represent the colours of the Sea, Charcoal and Warmth of food.

We take pride in attention to details and is committed to ensure highest standard of customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help your business.

BBQ Dinner by the beach

Our Mission


To be the preferred choice for disposable grill box, through affordable price, greater and faster accessibility and continuous innovation to improve safety and user experience.

Our Vision


To transform BBQ into a fuss-free affair and create a more unique experience to our customers.


Our Focus

To enable smaller group to do BBQ at the beach and to allow BBQ and Yakiniku provider with a means to do grillable takeaway. 

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