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Chicken Nuggets (200g/1kg) Chicken Nuggets (200g/1kg)
Chicken Nuggets (200g/1kg)
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[Halal] Chicken Nuggets

Serving tips: 4-5 pieces per person Quantity Original Flavor: 48 pieces per portion (1kg) Quantity Spicy Flavour: 20 pieces per portion (400g) Taste: Savoury, Chicken Packing style: Original Manufacturer Sealed Plastic Packaging Content: Meat from chicken breast and thigh
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Spicy 400g
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A favourite form of finger food suitable for all ages. Lightly grill them over the grill or simply throw them into an air fryer. Taste almost like the ones you get from your favourite fast food chain!

There is also the spicy option! Try if you like a little spice in life.