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MOQ: 1 Ctn of 46 packs, delivery fee of $20 applies

Free delivery for 2 cartons

CTN Dimensions: 56.5cm (L) x 36.7cm (W) x 52cm (H), 24kg

Easy ignite charcoal refills - 1 box of 40 pcs charcoal briquettes

Easily ignited with a fire source (Lighter).

No fire starters required.


For your safety, please be cautioned of some smoke during ignition process, they are normal and will dissipate upon successful full ignition of all charcoals. Upon turning ash gray, they are ready to be used as heat source for your BBQ food.


All disposable BBQ grill boxes originally come with charcoals. These are refill packs, for longer extension of BBQ Duration.

Classic Grill Box: 24 pcs of charcoal briquettes (Each box extends additional 4 hours)

Deluxe Grill Box: 36 pcs of charcoal briquettes (Each box extends additional 2 hours)


For small orders, please purchase from our shopee page: @sghaitankao



Pack of 40 Easy Ignite Charcoal Briquettes (46sets/ctn)

SKU: 0792649614525
$409.40 Regular Price
$327.52Sale Price
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