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Premium Raw Spicy Otah Cups (2 Cups) Premium Raw Spicy Otah Cups (2 Cups)
Premium Raw Spicy Otah Cups (2 Cups)
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Premium Raw Spicy Otah Cups (2 Cups)

Serving tips: 1 to 2 pieces per person Quantity: 2 per tray Weight: 40g to 50g Taste: Spicy Packing style: Hard PVC tray sealed with film Content: Fresh mixed fish, coconut milk, chilli paste, in house secret recipe chilli paste spices, salt & sugar. From Halal supplier, but repacked into 2 cups.
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Award-winning signature premium otah is a must have item for BBQ. It uses real fish slices mixed with homemade special spicy rempah (a Malay term referring to spices and seasoning). The rempah is made of chillies and over 10 finely ground spices, slowly fried for more than 10 hours. Coconut cream is blended into paste to give a soft and silky texture, almost like custard. The otah paste is individually packed in small aluminium cup to retain the fragrant aroma and makes grilling over charcoal much easier.